Benefit Communication

A benefit plan is only as strong as employees believe it to be.  Our experience has taught us that many employees don't fully understand the benefits they have, the options available to them, or the true costs of their benefits.  This lack of understanding decreases the potency of a strong benefits package, decreases employee retention, and can lead to significant HR problems.

Our advice - communicate your benefits to your employees. By doing 1 on 1 enrollments, we can answer any benefit questions, clarify existing coverages, and explain any renewal changes or new benefits. 


We leave each employee with a "Benefit Statement" that not only outlines their benefit elections, but details the true costs of each of their benefits - including statutory benefits that often go unnoticed & forgotten.  Businesses spend a great deal of money on their employees, and the "Benefit Statement" is a great way to show them their "True Salary".  This greatly improves employee satisfaction & retention.

Highlights of our benefits enrollment/communication process:

  • Simplifies & streamlines the open enrollment & new hire process
  • Gives employees a better understanding of their benefits
  • Highlights any errors or misunderstandings in current coverages
  • Reveals to employees how much their employer is spending on their behalf