Long Term Care

As life expectancies are lengthening in the 21st century, a higher percentage of people are experiencing the conditions that come with old age.  Even people that enjoy robust good health often need assistance with the basic activities of daily living when they get older.  Having a Long Term Care plan can provide the funding to pay for professional care givers.

There are two compelling reasons for most people to have a Long Term Care plan:

  • Often care giving falls to family members - spouses, children.  Being a family caregiver can exact hardship on those people because of time and effort involved.  Long Term Care planning helps relieve the family of being the caregivers because it pays for professional help in the home and cost of living in assisted living or nursing home.
  • The cost of care, whether in the home, assisted living or nursing home is so expensive it can be financially devastating.  Long Term Care planning can help pay the costs of care, thereby preserving the wealth and income that took a lifetime to achieve.