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After the typical college student graduates, they will have nearly $30,100* in student loan debt. In addition, many parents put their retirement in jeopardy by stopping their retirement contributions, spending down their retirement savings, or by taking out loans of their own. Aid programs offer to assist needy families, but many don't do a sufficient job. All the while students are promised that this debt is a necessary part of the process. Most families don't know there is help available, or a different course to take.

* Source: USA Today, April 28, 2017


We help families of talented students to help ensure college success and avoid mistakes that can cost thousands. Let us be your advocate in the process to give you the edge. Understanding the financial aid system and how to present your student and family information is the key to receiving financial aid. Many families have been told that they make too much money to get financial help for school and yet nothing could be further from the truth. Through effective strategies and techniques, thousands of families learn how to send their student to their school of choice. We can show you how to have a better outcome.

We Help With:

Career Exploration

  • Career Searches 
  • Personality and Interest Profiling

College Selection

  • College Visits Guidance
  • Guidance on Which Schools to Apply To
  • Contacting Colleges
  • Endowment Resources
  • Competing Colleges

College Admissions Assistance

  • pSAT, SAT and ACT Test Preparation
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Applying for Free

Strategies to Pay for College

  • Calculating Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Institutional vs. Federal Methodology
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile Preparation Assistance
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Maximizing Financial Aid Awards
  • Loan Guidance

We Want to Help Your Student!

Public and private colleges give out substantial amounts of merit based aid, often in excess of students' financial need, because they would like to attract talented students to their university. We help good students reach their full potential and enhance their college profile. We show families the best things they can do to help increase their student's chance of admission, and we advise families on many ways that they can qualify for more financial aid or pay tuition efficiently.

Nearly every family that attends our seminar shares that our guidance gave them better direction and understanding of the entire college process. Many times we are able to give direction that increases financial aid eligibility and awards. Due to a lack of understanding and the complicated financial aid process, many families limit their options, or do not reach their higher education dreams. While many students are competing to attend a local in-state college solely because of cost concerns, we routinely make an out-of-state or private education equally or more affordable.


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